Easily deceivable, the Underbone 150cc race category with a trademark of long trailing riders is one that is not to be missed in the Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship. Today, it was a day to celebrate for Nazirul Izzat Bahauddin of UMA Racing YAMAHA Maju Motor Asia Team when he made a grand finish in Race 1 of Round 3 at the Sportsland Sugo International Racing Course.

Earlier this morning, the Super Pole session saw 15 riders working on their lap time to add the pole position to their advantage and among them M Murobbil Vittoni of LFN H. PUTRA 969 INDONESIA Racing Team made the cut with the best lap time at 1’46:401s. Taking the second spot on the grid was

Nazirul Izzat Bahauddin of UMA Racing YAMAHA Maju Motor Asia Team who clocked in at 1’47:097s followed by Wahyu Aji Trilaksana of RACETECH SIXTY Racing at the third spot on the grid at 1’47:468s.

The race began with Wahyu taking lead as the troop furiously trailed behind. But seconds before the end of lap 1, ONEXOX TKKR riders, Hafiza and Shafiq Rasol made it into P1 and P2. By mid of lap 2, Shazras took lead before Gupita and Nazirul emerged in the first two positions. By the end of lap 3, Nazirul made it to P1 with Gupita and Wawan close behind. It was opportunity waiting to be struck and riders were on a constant lookout as they trailed on through the laps.

By mid-race, Wawan took lead shortly before Haziq overtook. Wawan was seen managing his pace at P2 while Nazirul kept at P3 before striking Wawan. By the end of lap 7, Nazirul was leading followed closely by teammate Haziq at P2. The exchange of positions went on among the riders but the trio maintained their momentum well at the top three positions. With one more lap to go, the robust riders went on for one last push. After the last corner and going uphill, it was battle between Wahyu and Nazirul and in a stiff exchange, Nazirul slipstreamed his way into victory at 18’03:880s.

Commenting on the race, Nazirul said, “I am truly grateful for the win today. During the race earlier, everyone was at their best. It was a huge battle among all of us. I stayed focused and tried to get ahead. I utilised the strategies to ensure that I stayed among the front troop. As a rider with a teammate, I always try to help out in whichever way I could and the sign language earlier was an indication to him to strategise.”

At the second spot was Wahyu Aji Trilaksana of RACETECH SIXTY Racing, clocking in at 18’03:975s.

Gupita Kresna Wardhana of 4S1M EVO YAMAHA Racing Team made his best at 18’04:411s.

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