The SCK Rapido Hi Rev Honda Racing is going all out to end a nine-year title drought in the Underbone class of the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship. With Mohd Helmi Azman in good standings for the riders’ trophy, hopes are high that the team will also be able to claim the crown that they last won in 2009.


Standing in their way, is another Malaysian racing bedrock, the RCB Yamaha YY Pang Racing Team. The two teams are separated by 36 points. To seal the deal, the SCK team will only need one of their riders (championship leader Mohd Helmi Azman, Fakhrusy Syakirin Rostam, or Australian wildcard-turned-permanent-rider Travis Hall) to finish within the top 9 in Race 1 and Race 2.


In this respect, the SCK team has the advantage of numbers. By fielding three riders to YY Pang’s Izzat-Adib Rosley combination, the SCK team betters their odds of picking up the points they need.


The Team Awards points system in the Asia Road Racing Championship assigns points from each team’s top performing rider to the team.