It was a fiery morning with the sound of the Underbone 150cc race category machines filling up the  air. As the day went by, Nazirul Izzat Md Bahauddin of UMA RACING YAMAHA MAJU MOTOR ASIA  TEAM emerged fastest in the combined practice session held at the Chang International Circuit, with  his best time at 1’59:120s. 

In Practice 1 this morning, the top 3 fastest spots were marked by Yamaha riders with Nazirul Izzat marking fastest followed by Md Hafiza Rofa of ONEXOX TKKR RACING TEAM at 1’59:661s and teammate Ahmad Fazli Sham at 1’59:686s.  

In the afternoon, as the riders were further fuelled, Fazli Sham braced the scorching heat to showcase  his strengths consequently made his fastest at 1’59:706s. At second and third fastest, it was Murobbil  Vittoni of LFN H. Putra 969 Indonesia Racing Team, logging in at 2’00:202s and Wawan Wello of  PITSBIKE JRT TECH 2 ONEWAY RACING TEAM with his best at 2’00:443s.

The combined result however placed Nazirul at the top. Taking the second fastest with the combined  result was Hafiza Rofa with his best for the day at 1’59:661 while at the third fastest was teammate,  Fazli Sham with his fastest time for the day at 1’59:686s. 

Commenting on this lap time, Nazirul said, “In the morning, the weather was not too bad. But in the  noon, it became extremely hot which makes it difficult to find the right setup of the machine. With  Race 1 to be held in the afternoon tomorrow, it worries me as the weather is expected to be similar  to what it was today but I will try to do my best.” 

“I am good with high-speed track and Chang International Circuit has many turns and long straights.  It is also a little technical hence we have to strategize to ensure that we are able to compete  competitively.”

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