The Underbone 150cc is a game changer for many successful riders in the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship who seeks to advance further in their professional pathways. Wahyu Aji Trilaksana of ONEXOX TKKR Racing Team has definitely showcased a progressive transformation throughout the years within this race category and is close to making history for himself in Round 5 at the Chang International Circuit this weekend.

The Indonesian lad has come a long way in the arena of the Underbone race category. In 2016, he made a name for himself when he reigned as champion in the Underdone 130cc race category. As the Underbone machines evolved to a bigger capacity, so did Wahyu. He went on with his venture into the Underbone 150cc in its debut season and completed it with an impressive note at the
second spot overall.

In 2018 however, Wahyu faced setbacks that pulled him down the rank order to the eighth spot in the overall standings. Nevertheless, every unfulfilled expectation brings with it valuable lessons for greater successes. As he went on to the following season, he found his momentum and strengthened his abilities to manoeuvre in a race category known for its dense nature and vague possibilities. In 2019, Wahyu took a climb up the rank and made it at the fourth spot overall.

As a rider, success is evident in its winning title. Wahyu has reflected improvements in his riding styles and has also projected his ability to utilise the right strategies at the right time. This season, he made a step onto the podium six times including one win which has placed him at the top spot overall with a total of 126 points.

Commenting on the season, “After two years of not racing, this year has been good. I was able to learn from mistakes. Usually, I learn it from watching YouTube videos on ARRC. I realised that I have been too ambitious so this season has really given me the opportunity to enjoy the moment when I ride. Of course, I also tried as much as possible to be consistent and with the good communication
and understanding between myself and the team, it has been a fruitful season.”

On his performances, Wahyu was definitely appreciative of the lessons in Japan. He said, “After our win in Race 1, we faced some issues with the machine and I could not complete the race. However, that was a good incident because we were able to evaluate our setbacks and come back stronger.”

Racing at Chang Circuit, Wahyu went on to say, “It is my favourite circuit as I have made records and created sweet memories there. In 2016, we celebrated being champion in the UB130 race category. Therefore, I will work hard to do my best in the final round.”